Our way of dealing with interior design and renovation is based on the concept that places have a memory and that there is a relationship between them and people.

Who, changing the house or the furniture, does not want to change certain situations in life? After all, if we think about it, it is so a bit for everyone. Working on your home is a bit like working on your well-being. Here, therefore, to realize a project of a space, it becomes fundamental to take into account the deepest needs and emotions of those who will live those spaces.

The goal of interior design as we understand it is the well-being of the person, thus transforming the design on paper into life design.

We deal with renovation and interior furnishings of houses / apartments, offices and shops.

What has to offer
  • home renovation
  • home restyling
  • interior design
  • interior styling
  • Feng-Shui analysis
  • growth path from home

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