Energy efficiency: it's time to think about it

04 May 2014

Energy efficiency: it's time to think about it

The theme that we propose today is that the much- publicized and named ENERGY EFFICIENCY now at the center of any debate regarding interventions that affect our homes and our businesses .

The fact that you talk a lot about energy efficiency, however , does not mean that everyone has to fully understand the high value of this attitude , nor have understood that the subject is open to ALL of us , we are entrepreneurs and ordinary citizens .

Oh yes ! , Because now the energy efficiency has become accessible ( electric cars do not cost more than a folly , for example) and the State, through various measures such as the ACCOUNT HEAT , or the INCENTIVES WHITE CERTIFICATES , offers both the entrepreneur who citizens , many reasons to be interested in an investment to save energy and thus economical.

The energy efficiency of a system ( both industrial and civil , and then the individual citizen ) has the ability to make the most of the energy that the system itself has , in a manner precisely " efficient." In other words, the system must be able to meet the needs of the citizen - or industrial - with the lowest possible consumption of energy. This translates into respect for the environment ( efficient systems produce less carbon dioxide , with beneficial effects on the environment) and saving for us (the energy consumed by the coast: it is used there is less savings in economic terms) .

Energy efficiency is crucial in the industrial sector , because their industry is amongst the most energy-intensive sectors . The civil transportation sector is another of the most affected sectors, also because, in addition to consuming a lot of energy and pollute the environment, is an area in which you can greatly improve energy efficiency ( eg you think electric cars ) .

But also with regard to the consumption of we citizens can do much more : each of us, through rationalization of consumption choices , can contribute substantially to the decline in domestic energy demand , resulting in a cost-effectiveness both personal and social .


An efficient home requires very little energy for heating, cooling and hot water production (and therefore it is easier to achieve with energy from renewable sources) . The efficiency is achieved in several ways:

The better you make a new home or working on an existing one , the less will have to work the technological systems : costs less to buy them for assistance and , less consumption , less pollution . A new building with low energy consumption should be well oriented and well-ventilated well insulated , for example, with the so-called coat . Important for the energy efficiency of a house are the windows , if they have certain requirements that contribute significantly to the smooth functioning of the system.
Important , again, are plants . Now that the boilers will be installed in the homes of the future or in those in which redemption will require a replacement of the condensing type will be installed or heat pumps . And then the solar panels and photovoltaic and , indeed, much more.


Our advice , then , is to ask , because today the efficient SYSTEMS , EVEN FOR OUR HOMES , have become extremely affordable and are supported by a myriad of INCENTIVES .

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See you soon.

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